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Clinging Onto Hope

There are moments when I forget the chaos of the world around us. Moments when laughter fills a room and conversations distract from our current realities. Some days, it is hard to have hope and other days I find myself wondering who we will be on the other side of all of this. We will all undoubtedly be changed, but will the change be good?

In the midst of fear, overwhelming grief and chaos the idea of good coming out of all this seems unimaginable for the average person. You’ve lost loved ones, jobs, financial stability, control and even hope. It is ok to not be ok. It is ok to be afraid and feel what ever emotions arise, but where we need to start pulling together is believing that there is hope.

Hope for tomorrow, next month, next year.

Hope for our tears of sorrow to turn into tears of joy. Hope for healing and continued health.

Hope for provision and rest.

We cannot do this alone. We need to cling onto hope and help one another do the same. A friend of mine asked this question: “What will you remember?” It seemed like an obvious answer, but as our dialogue evolved I realized we have some control. Instead what if we asked: “What do you WANT to remember?”

If you want to only remember the heart break and disappointments, focus there but I think where we will find hope is when we shift our perspectives. What if we remembered the quality time we had with our families? What if we remembered slow mornings and evenings with Jesus or wrapped up in a good book? What if we remembered the start of spring when the flowers bloomed and the birds song filled the air? What if we didn’t look back on this as a time of disappointments but as a gift?

In a season when we have no control, here is where you find it. Control to focus on the good what ever that looks like for you.

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