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Your Love is Strong

Have you ever found yourself clinging to the words of a song that so beautifully express your own hearts cry through a melody? Clinging in hopes that its truth could also be true for you?

Me to friend, me too.

Believing and declaring truth over another’s life comes easy, but believing truth and declaring it over my own life...hard, very hard. Through scripture and lyrics I find myself surrounded by promises I am desperate to believe while simultaneously doubting the relevance or power they truly encompass.

The truth is, despite our doubts, His promises are gifts to those who choose to embrace them. We have a choice; a choice to press in even when our minds pull us back; a choice to believe in the midst of our doubts; a choice to stand in authority over our enemy when he tries to rob us of our destinies.

Here is a promise I am holding true today.

That His love vanquishes all my enemies.

That His love broke the cage that silenced me. That His love has set this song bird free.

Here is the link to Cory Asbury’s song “Your Love Is Strong”. Soak in its promises tonight, they are just as much for me as they are for you dear friend

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